Star Shredders is a story driven shooter where players can embark on their campaign. Play as Clash a Royterian who heads up the Valkyrie force that protects Roytera. She has been tasked with protecting the planet from an imminent attack planned by general Greet and his forces. She finds herself in the middle of an interstellar war between factions, each with sinister secrets.

星碎机(Star Shredders)是一个由故事驱使的射击游戏,让玩家可以开始他们不一样的旅程。你将扮演克拉斯,一名罗特拉人,然后领导武神部队与保护罗特拉。 她的任务是保护地球免受格雷特将军及其部队的攻击计划。她发现自己处于各派之间的星际战争中,每个人都有着险恶的秘密。

Star Shredders is homage to the 90’s PS1 era with fast gameplay yet intriguing story that keeps you blasting on!


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